Monday, December 21, 2009

A Season to celebrate with Gifts

Chirstmas is just round the corner, and i always this problem that i am caught up with work the very last minute, my job will require me to stay in the office late to finish my work, and i need to buy gifts for my family and friends.

Best of all, i always like to send cards to friends and i don't have the time to do all this shopping. So i was having a conversation with my peers and they recommend me to online shopping this round for your chirstmas gifts and cards.

They recommended me this this portal, which they have bass pro gift cards, and is accessible to your local grocer store that you can give the best gift all year round to your friends, colleague and family. It's also the time to the advantage of this holiday deal that they have.

You can also personilze your cards and attached photos to it. Now it's the time to reward your family and friends with your personal touch on the cards. I am indeed satisfy with the service provided. You should try it out too!

Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 !

Q: Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker.
A: Cavern

Q: You ssh to your phone and decide to rename "Documents" to "Other crap". Type the command to do it, without using quotes.
A: mv Documents Other\ Crap
(Sorry to everyone using the updater but \ can't show up on it)

Q: You're connected to our IRC server.To join our room,what would you type?
A: /join #chatulous

Q: What German publication ran a two-page feature on Appulous in September? (It looks like a typo... but it's not!)
A: pc magazin

Q: I posted a job on rent-a-coder for someone to make an Appulous knockoff for my site. Kyek accepted the job under another name and pwned me :(. But we're cool now. Who am I?
A: pr0x

Q: This site made a bad knockoff of Appulous to try to get hits, but ended up getting DDoSed until they took it down. It's
A: Imodzone
(Crap sorry hit L instead of I)

Q: My name used to be Omgwtf. Who am I now?
A: Saladfork

Q: Before Genius' Hackulous tag said "Root Admin", what did it say?
A: President
(Sorry for delay I was in a lecture and my iphone ran out of battery :P)

(Sorry to the people using the updater program but its to hard with the spaces.)
Q: Convert this to ASCII: 0×20496c31497c4f306f272222272020. (Okok, so maybe I’m a *little* evil. I’m just looking forward to constantly refreshing the password-sharing sites and laughing maniacally xD)
A: (Space)Il1I|O0o'""'(Space)(Space)

Q: You ssh into your phone and need to make a symlink from “cow” to “chicken”. Type the command.
A: Ln -s cow chicken

Q: I have two Hackulous accounts: My main one, and one I made just for fun. Which is the latter?

Q: was a two-man team Wyze and …….?
A: Scuzzy19

Q: Who wrote the code that powered
A: wyze

Q: What parent company hosted
A: ovh

Q: I wrote this command-line app to take revenge on those trying to sell cracked apps.

Q: I was part of the team that discovered how to crack apps. My name is ________-fr.
A: iceman

Q: Who was the first person to start mass-cracking "self-aware" apps?
A: panik

Q: Who did Labrat attempt to con into writing a private Appulous clone for his website?
A: andydam

Q: If the permissions are r-xrwxrwx, who can’t write?
A: owner

Q: ‘Salad fork is slightly _______ ‘ ?
A: forky

Q: To whom did SaladFork turn over the Crackulous project?
A: `Angel

Q: Who leaked the original Crackulous source code?
A: cdecl

Q: What feature of PHP 5.3 does Appulous make the most use of in itsdatabase system?
A: Late static binding

Q: The Appulous test servers, on which new backend code and server configs are tested semi-publicly before moving to production, are provided by what company?
A: Amazon

Q: Approximately how many douchebags are trying to promote their lame websites, youtube accounts, and duplicate facebook groups by claiming they have the answers to these questions?
B: over 9,000

Q: B00sted4fun’s Russian repo was hosted by what company
A: Dreamhost

Q: What was the name of the app written specifically for downloading and installing IPAs from the b00sted4fun repository, and who wrote it? Answer in the format “APPNAME by AUTHOR

Q: Who ran the most successful and largest IPA site before Appulous?
A: B00sted4fun (two zeros)

Q: This domain name got popular when the site admin started bundling IPA files into torrents and advertised his website in them.

Q: When Appulous was tiny, it ran on a VPS provided by (Rhymes with SnapsBoasting)
A: bapshosting

Q: I work for Apple’s law firm and have been trying to get Appulous shut down since the beginning. I wish I was better at my job :( . What’s Kyek’s nickname for me?
A: rammy

Q: Who is the cracker most credited with discovering the cracking method we use today?
A: lsemtex

Q: Who was the admit of Hackstore?
A: Labrat

Q: The very first public forum dedicated specifically to iPhone 2.0 app cracking was hosted at
A: haklabs

Q: What did appulous start off as
A: Geniusblog

Q: Four letters. Who am I?
A: Keyk