Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travelling in europe

Lately, I've been traveling around quite a lot. I have been to many cities, towns and most of all i love the culture of each country. When i was at Italy, you wouldn't want to miss the attraction of Venice, Famous monuments, sistene chapel, and guess what? i got my the greatest deal through booking here. I've got the best deal and it was fast and easy through cheaperthanhotelsuk.

I visited Rome too, a place where you wouldn't want to miss.
The Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain.You will find yourself the building and structure that is through indescribable work of art. That's why it's said all road leads to Rome :)

Moving on the Venice, i visited Piazza San Marco
, Gondola Ride,St Mark's Basilica. Love their Pizza's . At Milan you would want to check out Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Castello Sforzesco. Do check out here. I enjoyed my trip, it was a great holiday trip for me. Will be writing more stuff soon. Stayed tuned....


Well, Sony finally got official with its A200 DSLR this week, but it looks like Sony's got even more in store for camera nuts. According to the Dyxum forums -- which tracked down these images on some Chinese / Taiwan forums -- Sony's prepping this here DSLR with a flip-screen, and that's all that's known at the moment. The main body is pretty similar to that of the A200, but the internals and other modifications are anyone's guess.

Full page fax print

With data integration in mobile handsets, it's no wonder home telephones haven't been able to keep up. But what happens when you're using a service like Verizon's FiOS and all of a sudden that boring handset has broadband data piped right into it? One example could be OpenFrame – a new home phone envisioned by John Sculley, former Apple CEO – that maybe-a-little resembles Apple's iPhone. The various devices are built on Freescale MX31 processors "with two 600-MHz ARM11 chips doing the heavy lifting" for features like streaming video, music, web surfing, and more. According to the manufacturer's chief executive, the heavily subsidized phones could be shipping out in four or five months straight from the carriers (no retail presence here). Though the phone was built specifically for services like FiOS, they're not yet saying if it's coming to FiOS.


JVC's "thinnest" LCD (if you only count screens with an integrated tuner) was also on display at their showroom and of course we've got the pics. This might not be a nearly cellphone-thin 9mm screen, but its still pretty skinny and probably a lot more likely to hang on your wall than some of the prototypes we've seen at CES this year.


If your DirecTV HR21 leaves you feeling empty because you want need to streamline your over-the-air ATSC side of the house, listen up. DirecTV's AM21 is your answer. For $59, you can pick one up, stack it above or below your HR21, connect it via USB, and bask in the glow of dual tuner ATSC programming (integrated with your OSG, to boot). It's not a bad looking little black box at all, and the price is reasonable. It's being shown off at CES, and you can expect it to be available at the end of February.


There are plenty of solar bags on the market which can squeeze some extra juice into your phone or handheld, or perhaps even trickle a charge into your laptop over a few days, but Voltaic is launching the first member of its lineup to fully charge a laptop with a day of sunlight. The "Generator" bag produces 14.7 watts from a single solar panel, but that's only with a full day of sun, so we're guessing you'll end up getting much less of a laptop charge with a normal day of use. In addition to a laptop plug the bag includes adapters for phones, USB devices and a car charger, and there's a battery inside the bag to improve the efficiency of the panel and to keep the juice flowing when you're in the shade. It all sounds great, but the bad news here is the price: $599. Yeah, your money might be better spent on a few spares batteries, but if you're going to be spending a week or so away from plugs, the Generator just might be the ticket.


The Linksys Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera WVC54GC is pretty straightforward for a networked camera, sporting 802.11g and 10/100 Ethernet connections, and VGA video recorded to a MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG codec. The camera can be limited to local network video streaming or opened up to the internets either publicly or privately. There's also a Security Mode setting that can send video snippets via email if the camera detects motion in its field of view. You can then remotely log on to the stream and set the video to record to a local hard drive or on a predetermined schedule. The camera is available now for a mere $120.


Announced a few days ago, iriver is now showing off the 2.4-inch E100 flash player with stereo speakers to the world. Its D-click navigation sits atop 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of storage which is augmented by a microSD slot. We'll try to hunt these down for a hands-on later in the day.