Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping at ShopWiki

There are always so many sites that sells online, whether it is some accessories, toys , clothing, food and etc..... but you will never quite exactly find the things you are looking for. But let me share with you what i found about a site called ShopWiki.

I was looking for some baby accessories, and i bumb into this site which has all the things i want. The stroller, bags and car seats that i was looking for were all there in this site. It's not a shopping site, where you can crawl from to search products from there on.

Do look at it, i am sure this site will amaze you. I was searching for a Canon SLR lens, was having problem searching for the right lens that i wanted, for sure you know it's hard to find the correct lens you want, from my search in ShopWiki i was able to find the right lens that i wanted. I seriously encourage you all to have a look at ShopWiki, for me it's better than other web crawlers available.


While Samsung's latest may be slightly narrower, JVC swears its CES prototype will be the lightest 32-inch LCD out, weighing a mere 5kg its perfect for ceiling mounted installations. At 7mm thick they've managed to squeeze 1080p resolution and LED backlighting out of 50% of the materials and less mercury used to produce current designs. A hands on should settle the battle of the thin, expect iPhone comparison pics and contentious weigh ins usually reserved for heavyweight bouts this week in Las Vegas.


We don't have a heck of a lot to go on here, but the above is apparently a new, 8.9-inch widescreen netbook from Exper called the Exper Style. It seems to boast standard netbook internals -- a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and an 8GB SSD-- and apparently runs Windows XP. It also costs about $470, and comes in a nearly endless range of super duper-looking colors. We're not sure about when this one will be available, but hit the read link for a video of this darling in all its glory.


Intel's been talking up the CE 3100 (née Canmore) processor for quite some time now, and with Adobe as its newest partner -- late again Yahoo? -- pushing HD Flash streams to Internet connected TV's and set-top boxes. Frankly, we've already gotten quite used to YouTube and other online video access in the living room, but with the first Flash Lite-enabled system-on-a-chip due by mid-2009 and everyone and their mom watching TV on Hulu this could be the push that takes online video to the TV mainstream. Still, Intel must know that only Flash support so 2008, we'll be expecting more widgets to come.


Stuff.tv has the heads up on two more members of LG's 2009 lineup, the LH5000 and LF7700. The LF7700 LCD should fit the bill for anyone needing an alternative to Panasonic's TX-37LZD81, with integrated FreeSat support, while a plasma version will follow later in the year. If 100Hz isn't enough and 480Hz is too much, the LH5000 drops 200Hz TruMotion tech on European heads later this year. No price or size info for either, but hopefully all this new kit will slightly make up for a Netflix-less existence suffered by our people across the Atlantic.


Hey, they don't call this thing the International Consumer Electronics Show for nothing, so it shouldn't come as any big surprise to see Nextar unveiling a trio of new navigators that are destined for routes in South America. PNDs for Argentina (M3-AR), Brazil (M3-BR), and Mexico (updated to the M3-MX1) are all scheduled to go on sale in early 2009, with each model packing its respective country maps as well as a multimedia player, 3.5-inch touchscreen, text-to-speech support, oodles of POIs, an integrated antenna, rechargeable Li-ion and a stylus for no good reason good measure. All three will sell for $249.99, and the full release is after the break.


If you're not about to sell off your current stable of external USB hard drives just to experience the wonders of Clickfree backups, you're staring your solution right in the face. Clickfree has just introduced its new Transformer Cable, which is "the first and only USB cable that turns ordinary external hard drives into truly automatic Clickfree backup solutions." Put simply, users just connect their USB HDD to their PC via this here cable, and without any software installations or black magic, the external drive automatically begins to search through, organize and backup your data. The painfully simple cord should be available right now for the mildly reasonable price of $59.99; full release is after the break.